Sustainability. Land, you, us.

With more than 20 years’ experience, Noha (formerly TDN Contracting) is the independent business entity of the Chipewyan Prairie First Nation, providing fully integrated, turnkey services for SAGD and oil sands producers at all stages of a project’s life cycle. We are driven to create a sustainable legacy of our land’s resources for us, for you and for our people. Learn more about our community

The Noha advantage

Safe, reliable, commercially sensible and integrative with generations of experience: These are the things our clients count on from start to finish — on every project, every time.

The story behind the name

In Dene, the word “Noha” means “for us,” a phrase with deep meaning in both business and culture. It’s in our abiding commitment to the land. It’s in our respect for family and community. It’s in how we work with and treat each other. And it’s in our belief that everything on this earth was left for us by our ancestors in order to sustain ourselves. Noha is also a fitting name for our integrated business, which brings into the fold every employee, contractor, partner and client — to benefit all parties, today and into the future.